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                                                                                          CHEMISTRY FOR THE UNIVERSAL WELFARE “
                                                                                                “RASAYANA GYNAM SARVAHITHAAYA”
A harmonious blend of ancient and modern chemistry to serve society by developing heightened intellectual, cultural, ethical, and human sensitivities to foster scientific temper and promote professional and technological expertise.
                                                                                      Vision and mission
  • To provide students with the latest academic program to enhance their professional competence.
  • To create a conducive academic environment for the students to develop them into global citizens.
  • To convert them into confident and employable youth.
                                                                            BRIEF PROFILE OF THE FACULTY

Name  :  Dr. Suman

Designation:  Lecturer

Academic Degree:   M.Sc., Ph.D (Applied Chemistry)

Area of Specialization: Organic  Chemistry

Experience:  15 years

  • Industrial Experience:
  •  M/s. Vimal Chemical and R & D Centre( An ISO 9001-2000 Certified) Panki, Kanpur (May 2009 to 2011). 
        Worked as a “Research Scientist” the work was based on resin, Adhesive, and paint(Protection Chemicals for Building, Bridges, Road, and Structures).
  •   M/s. TFF Specialty CHEM. Pvt. Ltd., Civil, Lines, Kanpur (ISO 9002 Certified Company) (March 2008 to April 2009)                            Worked as a “Polymer Chemist”.  The work was based on “Synthesis of Polymer” in a Quality Control Department.                                                                                                                       Research Activities
  • Effect of temperature and solvent on Styrene-Maleic Anhydride Copolymers, “Published by national Seminar on Recent Development of Polymers,” August 16-17, 2002, held at Kanpur by IPI Polycon
  • “Synthesis and Characterization of Alkali Modified Styrene-Maleic Anhydride (SMA) Copolymers for Dispersion of TiO2; Suman Kumari, Dr. Indira Nigam and Dr.Devendra Agarwal;Published in an International Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.103, 3194-3205(2007).
  • “Determination of Reactivity Ratios of Styrene and Maleic Anhydride Copolymer by Various Method, their Physical Properties and Spectral Studies”, Suman Kumari, Dr.Indira Nigam and Dr.Devendra Agarwal, published in Paint India, 2008.,69-85
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Alkali Modified Styrene-Maleic Anhydride (SMA) Copolymer for Dispersion of Carbon-black”. Suman Kumari, Dr. Dhirendra nigam and Dr.Indira Nigam, Published in International Journal Plast.Technol (December.201115(2),112-132.                                                                                               

                                                                                                    BRIEF PROFILE OF THE FACULTY

    Kirti Sharma                        

    Designation:  Lecturer

    Academic Degree:   M.Sc., B.Ed, Pursuing Ph.D           

    Experience:  9 years

    Participated and presented the papers at three international and one national conferences.

    Has two conference proceeding papers and one international paper.

    Attended workshops based on her research work.

    Also attended several FDP programs and seminars.

    Got the second position at the state level in a paper organized by Shanti Kunj Haridwar.

    Participated in youth festival and performed the skit item.
                                                                                                                    Research Activities

    Sharma, K.,
    Patil, U. Y., Sharma, S. C., & Kapoor, M. (2022). Study the alkylation behavior of 1, 3-dicarbonyl systems with alkyl halides. In AIP Conference Proceedings 2357(1), 030012. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0080631

    Kapoor, M. *, Singh, A., Sharma, K., & Hua Hsu, M. (2020). Site‐Selective C (sp3)− H and C (sp2)− H Functionalization of Amines Using a Directing‐Group‐Guided Strategy. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis362(21), 4513-4542. https://doi.org/10.1002/adsc.202000689

    Sharma, K., Sharma, S. C., & Kapoor, M. (2022). Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Via 1, 3-Diketones. ECS Transactions107(1), 9747. DOI 10.1149/10701.9747ecst.

    Poster presentation at
    International Conference on Innovation & Advances in Drug Development and Clinical Research (IADDCR 2023) organized by Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab, India

    Participation in Webinar on “13 C NMR Spectroscopy” held on 18th Jun 2020 Organized by IChrom.

    Participation in Symposium on “Design of Thesis/Research report in MS Word” held on 6th -7th Feb 2023, Organized by CURIN, Chitkara University, Punjab.

    Participation in the Webinar on “Practical Aspects of NMR Characterization” held on 29th May 2020, organized by IChrom.

    Attended  &  presented a paper at Chitkara University Doctoral Consortium (CUDC-2021) an international doctoral consortium, Nov 12-13 in virtual mode on the topic “Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds via 1,3-diketones”.

    Participation in the Seminar on “Valuing Water: Jal ek Dharohar” on World Water Day 2021 organized by the Center for Water Sciences (CURIN) in collaboration with the School of Planning & Architecture Chitkara University, Punjab.

    Attended  &  presented a paper at an international doctoral consortium, Chitkara University Doctoral Consortium (CUDC-2023), Nov 3 and 4 on the topic "In-silico Designing of Novel β-diketone Analogues as potential Main protease (M pro) inhibitors".


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