Statutory Cells

Minority Cell

Caste-based Discrimination Redressal Cell

As per the directions of the University Grants Commission (UGC), the Caste-Based Discrimination Redressal Cell functions under the supervision of Prof Gurmeet Kaur (8146700225) to ensure that students are not discriminated against based on their social origin. The purpose of the cell is to ensure that all students receive equal treatment and that their grievances and issues are resolved in a time-bound and sensitive manner.

Grievance Redressal Cell

Grievance Redressal cell

  • Government Shivalik College, Naya Nangal has established a Grievance Redressal Committee under the direct supervision of the Principal and other nominated members
    To inculcate an accountable and responsive attitude among all the stakeholders in order to ensure a harmonious educational atmosphere in the college
    To redress grievances reported by the students of the college and thereby uphold the dignity of the college
    To ensure a strife free atmosphere in the campus through promotion of cordial student-teacher and student-student relationship
    To address complaints regarding harassment of any kind
    To redress academic grievances
  • Rules and Regulations:
  • Complaints should either be sent to the official email id or be dropped in the suggestion box.
  • The merits of the complaints lodged by students will be thoroughly evaluated. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the members in person.
  • Any act that prevents or disrupts the regular academic activity will be taken seriously.
A Suggestion Box is mounted in the administrative block where the students can put their suggestions and complaints in incognito if they so desire. The box is checked regularly followed by necessary action. There is also provision of Dastak Hour when students can directly meet the principal between 1 pm-2 pm daily.

The college has a Grievance Redressal Cell headed by Prof Gurmeet Kaur (8146700225) to look into these grievances and complaints.

Anti-Ragging Cell

 Anti-Ragging Cell (ARC)

  • The anti-Ragging Committee will be the Supervisory and Advisory Committee in preserving a Culture of Ragging Free Environment in the college Campus. The Anti-Ragging Squad- office bearers will work under the supervision of the Ragging Committee and engage in the works of checking places like Canteens, Classrooms and other places of student congregation. The anti-Ragging Committee will be involved in designing strategies and action plans for limiting the Menace of Ragging in the college by accepting a range of activities
    Objectives of ARC:
  • In view of the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in SLP No. 24295 of 2006 dated 16-05-2007 and in Civil Appeal number 887 of 2009, dated 08-05-2009 to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the Scourge of ragging
  • Ragging is an embarrassing societal crime. The chief objectives of ARC are to prevent and keep the student community from being ragged or cosseting in the act of ragging to bring awareness among the students about the ill effects of ragging, its impact on human life and the consequences of involvement in the act of ragging to set up a monitoring system comprising of Anti Ragging Squad (ARS) to vigil the on campus and off campus situations to eliminate the chances of ragging cases
  • To receive the complaints and resolve them through the ARC To initiate legal actions when required considering the intensity of ragging.
The college has a Anti ragging Cell headed by Prof Gurmeet Kaur (8146700225) to look into these grievances and complaints.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell

Anti-Sexual-Harassment cell:
It is important that Govt. Shivalik College faculty, staff and students enjoy an environment free from implicit and explicit behaviour used to control, influence, or affect the well-being of any member of our community. Harassment of individuals based on their race, sex, religion colour, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or genetic information is unacceptable and grounds for disciplinary action and also constitutes a violation of law. Equality unacceptable within the school is the harassment of individuals based on their sexual orientation. Gender identity, or gender expression.
This cell conducts training and workshops for students / other members of the organization to explain the importance of the cell and its Awareness of what qualifies as Sexual Harassment.

  • Govt. Shivalik College's sexual harassment committee consists of members of the faculty, administration, and student representatives. The cell is committed to:
    Observe the law and Supreme Court guidelines on Sexual Harassment
    Sensitize the campus community on gender issues
    Addressing complaints from victims
    Whenever a sexual harassment complaint is lodged or such a case comes to the committee's notice, the authorities concerned will immediately take action against the perpetrators,  Govt. Shivalik College has zero tolerance towards gender-based violence.
The college has an Anti-Sexual-Harassment cell headed by Prof Gurmeet Kaur (8146700225) to look into these grievances and complaints.


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